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          Dermwings is an aesthetic lighting system used for skin beauty treatment. It provides high intensity LED lights ranging from red, yellow, blue and violet which are very helpful for skin rejuvenation. Different wavelengths of the light target specific cells which are responsible for the synthesis and repair of the skin’s supportive structure.

          The light produced from Dermwings is a cool light. There is no heating on patient’s skin surface. The treatment not only has an effect on rejuvenation of the skin, it also improves skin tightening. Dermwings offer a range of wavelengths ranging from 420 to 630 nm. Unlike conventional lamps, Dermwings does not emit UV light. These characteristics of Dermwings are therefore especially important in dermatology. They can use a wide range of colors and wavelengths to provide appropriate skin treatment. In addition to their power, LED light have a life span ranging from 50 to 100,000 hours (i.e.20 years). LEDs from Dermwings require very little energy in order to work and barely produce any heat.



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       Dermwings combines different LEDs to obtain fast and effective treatment. It includes a user friendly touch screen with 10 preset functions that

allow the skin therapist to easily address specific client concerns.

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