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SMAZ HIFU Technology

Smaz Hifu

Over the past decade, radiofrequency RF, infrared laser and other fractional laser devices have been popularized and owning to their abililty to deliver controlled heat to dermis, stimullate neocollagenesis, and effect modest tissue tightening with minimal recovery.  However, these less invasive approaches are historically associated with inferior efficacy so that plastic surgery is still as an good choice to address moderate to severe tissue laxity.  

What is HIFU?

     If an ultrasound about 100 times stronger than the intensity of ultrasound used in making a diagnosis is focused on a spot, some heat generates in the focused spot.  Under the same principle, some heat is generated in the focused part when sunlight is focused using a convex lens.

Treatment Principle

     Recently, the technology of micro-focused ultrasound fromverious manufacturers was introduced as the most efficient way to transcutaneous heat delivery that reaches the deepe sub-dermal connective tissue in tightly focused zones at consistent programmed depths.  The purpose is to maximize a deeper wound healing response with robust collagen remodeling and a more durable clinical response.  But they are still a painful treatment with about 1-3 weeks down time.



Focused Ultrasound for Dermatologist by SMAZ

     Ultrasound itself is harmless to human body and generates some heat only on the spot where it has been intensively focused.  Ultrasound can deliver strong heat energy to the deep skin, at 3-4.5 mm-depth without using any needle. The energy generated at this time induces collagen active production, so inducing the generation of epidermis and dermis at the same time. Based on this differential photo-thermal damage theory, SMAZ is now era of ultrasound technology for skin tightening.




SMAZ Mechanism








The Evolution of Smaz and Less Pain


Round-Shaped Transducer

     Based on American Ultrasound technology.  SMAZ uses a round shape transducer whereas others use rectangular and oval shaped transducers.  The vibration of the Ultrasound wave from the round shape is more accurate and stable.  Because the vibration from the round shape induces the energy from its edge of the transducer equally to the target level, SMAZ Superficial muscular aponeurotic system.  SMAZ therefore uses only little energy to reach.  Then there is no chance of skin burn at all.


      But other shapes can not induce the energy directly to the target level.  Because the vibration of  Ultrasound energy was created by different distance from the corner of transducer plate.  Thus, the energy can not reach the SMAZ.  Then they have to use more energy to reach.  It also increases the risk of superficial skin burn.


Rectangular and Oval Shapes

Compare the HIFU energy between SMAZ and others.

     The transducer from SMAZ can transfer HIFU energy more stable, safe, less pain and more effective.  SMAZ use the rounded-shape transducer which provide much more effective HIFU than others which use oval shape.  Thus SMAZ does not need use a higher energy anymore to reach the SMAZ level.




User-Friendly interface and more precis

         - Easy to use Smart Software


         - Unique cartridges for the depth

                  of 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5 mm.


          - Warranty 1 carttidge is up to

                   1000 shots.